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DLC Knowledge App



Getting Started

Before you can start using the DLC Knowledge App, you need to download and install it on your device. The current version is only available for Android devices and downloads are available on the Google Play Store app. The iOS version is still under development and we shall announce its release as soon as development is complete, after which shall follow the desktop version.

If you don't have the DLC Knowledge App installed already, you can follow the link below to download and install it from your Play Store app.

Get App Now

If you have installed the app, open it and if you are a new user, tap the Register link at the bottom to create an account. 

On the registration screen, fill in all the required details, making sure you are providing a valid email address and a secure password and tap the Create Account Button to continue. Your account will be created instantly and the app's home screen will pop up. 

Be sure to keep your password securely to avoid any one accessing your account without your knowledge. You will be using the email address you provided and password to login each time you Signout. 

Fortunately, the DLC Knowledge App is designed to to keep you logged in at all times until you choose to sign out, or if for some reason you clear your phone's memory, or choose to reinstall the app, so you don't have to login each time you want to use the app. 

If you are shifting to another device, or signed out for some reason, use the same email address and password you used to create your account and login. All details linked to your account will be automatically updated, such as which videos or books you already paid for. As such you would only need to redownload them to the new device if you need to access them offline without having to pay for them again.


The Home Screen

After login, the first screen that pops up is the app's Home Screen. It's a quick view of the latest videos available on the app, divided in the two aspects of DLC; The Structured Learning content is listed under the "Get Up To Speed" section while the Unstructured Learning Content is listed under the "Learn new Skills" section.

The toolbar at the top has 3 horizontal bars in the top left corner which can tap to access the Main Menu, and a user icon in the right top corner which you can tap to access your User Profile to perform more personalized tasks like uploading your own content and more.


The Main Menu

The Main menu of the app is on the app's Home screen and can be accessed by tapping the 3 horizontal bars in the top left corner or by simply swiping to the right.

The Main Menu has the following list of options for you to select from while using the app. 

1. Structured Learning

DLC Structured Learning is designed for anyone interested in knowledge from main stream education as is taught in school, following the country's school curriculum. This could be for purposes of passing exams, revision, or simply having a better understanding of the concepts taught in class. Under Structured Learning you can select from any of levels of education listed to get started.

2. Unstructured Learning

DLC Unstructured Learning is designed for anyone interested in knowledge of practical skills covering any field of interest, such as business skills, farming, welding e.t.c, stories on public figures, such as biographies, success stories, and any other kind of content that would be refered to as informative.

3. DLC Book Store

With the DLC Book Store, you have access to reading material from both Structured and Unstructured learning. That includes study materials such as text books, question banks, panflets, guides, and other reading material such as novels and more. 


All content on the DLC Knowledge App is downloadable to save expenses incurred on data bundles. As such, in the event that you have some content you have downloaded on the app, here is where you will always find it. However, it is important to note that content downloaded can and should only be accessed within the app. This is because most of the content is original and as such considered intellectual property of the owner and therefore cannot and should not be shared without the concent of the owner.

Further more, the downloaded content will always be available on the device on which it was downloaded, unless for some reason you choose to reinstall the application or clear the phone's memory, or delete the app's data, in which case you would have to redownload the content for offline view. 

5. User Profile

The DLC Knowledge App allows you to check your profile information, as well manage your content, if you have uploaded any, on the app.
The User Profile present 3 sections at the top and those include; Content, Earnings and Personal Info.

Under Content you will be able to upload your own content to the app, or manage your uploaded content, such as delete content, change description, price e.t.c, and check views for each of you content. 

Under Earnings you will be able to monitor how many views your content has generated and how much should be paid out to you by DLC, as well as request for a payout from DLC whenever necessary to an account of your choice.

Under  Personal Info you will be able to views your details on the app as were provided while creating your account.

6. Visit Website

All aspects of DLC are related. For that reason, without leaving the app you can the DLC website for more information about recent updates, or upcoming features on the app, userguides and more.

7. Signout

Choose this option if you would not like to stay logged in. Particular cases may include such as when the same device is being shared between different users, in which case one would need to signout such as another can login to their account.

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