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Getting Started

Before you can start using the DLC Knowledge App, you need to download and install it on your device. The current version is only available for Android devices and downloads are available on the Google Play Store app. The iOS version is still under development and we shall announce its release as soon as development is complete, after which shall follow the desktop version.

If you don't have the DLC Knowledge App installed already, you can follow the link below to download and install it from your Play Store app.

Get App Now

If you have installed the app, open it and if you are a new user, tap the Register link at the bottom to create an account. 

On the registration screen, fill in all the required details, making sure you are providing a valid email address and a secure password and tap the Create Account Button to continue. Your account will be created instantly and the app's home screen will pop up. 

Be sure to keep your password securely to avoid any one accessing your account without your knowledge. You will be using the email address you provided and password to login each time you Signout. 

Fortunately, the DLC Knowledge App is designed to to keep you logged in at all times until you choose to sign out, or if for some reason you clear your phone's memory, or choose to reinstall the app, so you don't have to login each time you want to use the app. 

If you are shifting to another device, or signed out for some reason, use the same email address and password you used to create your account and login. All details linked to your account will be automatically updated, such as which videos or books you already paid for. As such you would only need to redownload them to the new device if you need to access them offline without having to pay for them again.


The Home Screen

After login, the first screen that pops up is the app's Home Screen. It's a quick view of the latest videos available on the app, divided in the two aspects of DLC; The Structured Learning content is listed under the "Get Up To Speed" section while the Unstructured Learning Content is listed under the "Learn new Skills" section.

The toolbar at the top has 3 horizontal bars in the top left corner which can tap to access the Main Menu, and a user icon in the right top corner which you can tap to access your User Profile to perform more personalized tasks like uploading your own content and more.


The Main Menu

The Main menu of the app is on the app's Home screen and can be accessed by tapping the 3 horizontal bars in the top left corner or by simply swiping to the right.

The Main Menu has the following list of options for you to select from while using the app. 

1. Structured Learning

DLC Structured Learning is designed for anyone interested in knowledge from main stream education as is taught in school, following the country's school curriculum. This could be for purposes of passing exams, revision, or simply having a better understanding of the concepts taught in class. Under Structured Learning you can select from any of levels of education listed to get started.

2. Unstructured Learning

DLC Unstructured Learning is designed for anyone interested in knowledge of practical skills covering any field of interest, such as business skills, farming, welding e.t.c, stories on public figures, such as biographies, success stories, and any other kind of content that would be refered to as informative.

3. DLC Book Store

With the DLC Book Store, you have access to reading material from both Structured and Unstructured learning. That includes study materials such as text books, question banks, panflets, guides, and other reading material such as novels and more. 


All content on the DLC Knowledge App is downloadable to save expenses incurred on data bundles. As such, in the event that you have some content you have downloaded on the app, here is where you will always find it. However, it is important to note that content downloaded can and should only be accessed within the app. This is because most of the content is original and as such considered intellectual property of the owner and therefore cannot and should not be shared without the concent of the owner.

Further more, the downloaded content will always be available on the device on which it was downloaded, unless for some reason you choose to reinstall the application or clear the phone's memory, or delete the app's data, in which case you would have to redownload the content for offline view. 

5. User Profile

The DLC Knowledge App allows you to check your profile information, as well manage your content, if you have uploaded any, on the app.
The User Profile present 3 sections at the top and those include; Content, Earnings and Personal Info.

Under Content you will be able to upload your own content to the app, or manage your uploaded content, such as delete content, change description, price e.t.c, and check views for each of you content. 

Under Earnings you will be able to monitor how many views your content has generated and how much should be paid out to you by DLC, as well as request for a payout from DLC whenever necessary to an account of your choice.

Under  Personal Info you will be able to views your details on the app as were provided while creating your account.

6. Visit Website

All aspects of DLC are related. For that reason, without leaving the app you can the DLC website for more information about recent updates, or upcoming features on the app, userguides and more.

7. Signout

Choose this option if you would not like to stay logged in. Particular cases may include such as when the same device is being shared between different users, in which case one would need to signout such as another can login to their account.


How To...

How to create an account (First time Users only)

When you open the DLC Knowledge App, select the Or Register link below the LOGIN button to open the Registration screen.
On the Registration screen fill in your full name, gender, country of residence, date of birth, a working phone number and a valid email address, as well a secure password, which you should keep securely. 

By creating an account you agree that you have read and understood all the Terms and Conditions of using the DLC Knowledge App. Leave that checkbox selected and tap the 'REGISTER NOW' button at the bottom to create your account. 
If all the fields have been filled in correctly, your account will be created and you shall proceed to the app's home screen.

If you are not a First time user, simply provide the email address and password you used while creating your account on the login screen and tap the 'LOGIN' button to login.

How to Find a video

After you have successfully logged in or created an account, you can simply scroll through some of the content on the home screen to see if there is anything that interests you. Or for a more specific search, open the Main Menu by swiping to the right and select either Structured Learning or Unstructured Learning.

If you are looking for school study videos between Nursery and Senior Six, then select 'Structured Learning' and pick a level you are interested in. We want to keep everything organized for you, so after selecting a level, you need to select a subject that you want to study from the list that pops up. 

After selecting a subject, all available content for that subject at the level you selected will be displayed. We do this because we know some times you need to refer to content from a previous class. However if you want to filter the videos, simply tap the filter icon in the top right corner to show the filter menu, or tap it again to hide it. To filter, select either a class, or a topic, or both and tap the 'APPLY FILTER' button.

If on the other hand you are looking for general Skill videos, select 'Unstructured Learning', and all content available will be instantly loaded. If, however, you are interested in a particular skill, swipe to the left, or tap the filter icon in the top right corner to display the categories available for you to pick from. Select a category from the list and only videos from that category will be displayed.

To play a video, tap the image for the video. If it is a free video, it will instantly open and play. However, due to network instabilities, we advice that for a better experience watching your video, tap the 'SAVE...' button under the video play area to download the video to your phone's memory. You can then find it under your 'Downloads' section and watch it over and over, even without an internet connection.
However if the video is not free, it will only be available for preview for up to a maximum of 5 mins just to give you a peek into how good it is, after which you will be asked to proceed with payment. If you realize it is what you need, tap the 'GET THIS RESOURCE NOW' button to make your payment and then after you will be able to always access it like any other free video. For details on how to make payments, visit the 'How to make Payments' section.

How to find Books and other Reading Material

To find reading material, go back to the app's home screen and swipe right to open the app's Main Menu and select the 'DLC Book Store'. At the DLC Book Store, you can quickly scroll through the list of School Material or General Knowledge. For more content, however, tap 'School Material' or 'General Knowledge' to open either of the sections. 

To open a book, simply tap the image of the book to open it's details, and tap the 'GET THIS RESOURCE NOW' button at the bottom of the preview box. If the book is free, it will instantly start downloading to your phone's memory. However, it is not, you will be required to make your payment, after which the book will automatically proceed to download. 

All reading material on the app has to be downloaded to you phone's memory before it can be viewed. You can then find the book in your 'Downloads' section on the Main Menu. For more details on how to find you downloads, visit the 'How to Find My Downloaded Content' section. 

How to make payment

The DLC Knowledge App features both free and paid content. If the content you are interested in requires payment, then the payment process is fairly staight forward. 

Any attempt to access paid content will automatically initiate a payment process by opening the payment details screen. At the 'Payment Details' screen, provide your full name, the price is automatically set to the price of the content you are paying for, and then provide the mobile number that will be making the payment.

All payments on the app currently only support MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money transactions. So before you proceed with payment, please make sure you have enough money on the Airtel or MTN number you have provided. Please note however, that this does not have to be the number you used during your account creation.

Tap the 'PAY NOW' button after filling in the details, wait for a few seconds while the app processes you details. We ensure that all payments are secured so first you will receive a text message with an OTP code to verify the payment. 

Type the OTP Code that you have received in the OTP field on the app and tap 'Verify Payment'. 

Wait another few seconds and you will receive a prompt to provide your Pin Number to complete the payment. 

The app will then proceed to process your payment and open the video you are paying for, or automatically start downloading if it is a book. You will then be able to always access the content as any other free content.

The DLC Knowledge App will always keep track of the content you have paid for such that you never need to pay for it again as long your account is still active. This also remains the case even if you uninstall the app, and reinstall it,  update it, Signout on your device, or even login on another device. 

How to Find My Downloaded Content

On the app's home Screen, swipe to the right to open the Main Menu and select 'Downloads'. All content that you have downloaded on the app will be available to you in this section and you don't need an internet connection to access it since it is now on your phone's memory. 

The downloaded content is arranged into 'Videos' and 'Books' and you can switch between the two types by tapping the 'Videos' or 'Books' button at the bottom of the screen. 

Simply tap any of the content in the list to play it or open it for reading.


Personal Content

Any one can be a content provider on the DLC Knowledge App because we believe everyone has some knowledge to share. And now with the DLC Knowledge App, your knowledge could also be your income! 

To add or manage your own content on the DLC Knowledge App, on the app's home screen swipe to the right to open the Main Menu and select 'User Profile' or tap the user icon in the top right corner. 

On the User Profile screen you can manage your content by tapping the video camera icon, or check your earnings and request for payouts by tapping the money icon or check a summary of your profile by tapping the user icon.

How to Add your own content.

To add your own content to the DLC Knowledge App, tap the blue round button with a plus icon in the middle found in the bottom right corner on the User Profile screen. 

Select whether the content you are want to provide is school material or general knowledge material by choosing either the orange building button for School Material or the green briefcase button for General Knowledge material. 


1. Provide an appropriate name for your video or book, trying to ensure that it is unique for easy identification by users. For instance, "The Skeletal Muscular System - DLC". Much there could be a number of videos called 'Skeletal Muscular System', adding 'DLC' makes mine unique and therefore easy for users to identify of search for.

2. Select the kind of resource it is, whether a book or a study video.

3. If it is a video, proceed by provide a brief overview of the content in it in the 'Description' field, select a class, subject and topic that it's about, then set the price to Free Content if you don't intent to charge users to view it, or to the price fixed by the app in accordance with the DLC Company LTD Policy guidelines.

4. If it is a book, proceed by selecting a subject that the book is about, or select general if it covers more than one subject, such a question and answer booklets for more than one subject, e.t.c, provide a brief overview of the content in it in the 'Description' field, and set a price for your book. If you want it to be free, set the price to 0.


1. Provide an appropriate name for your video or book, trying to ensure that it is unique for easy identification by users. For instance, "How to make chocolate cake- DLC". Much there could be a number of videos called 'How to make chocolate cake', adding 'DLC' makes mine unique and therefore easy for users to identify of search for.

2. Provide a brief overview of what is covered in the book or video in the 'Description' field. 

3. Select a category for your book or video from the list available

4. Set a price for your video or book or set it to 0 if you want it to be freely available to users. 

5. Select the type of resource it is, whether a book or a video.

After filling in the details of the video or book, tap the grayish picture icon to select a thumbnail or cover image for your video or book. The thumbnail or cover image is the picture that represents your content on the app before a user chooses to view it. For that reason ensure that it directly relates with your content and is not misleading. For further details about thumbnails visit the 'How to prepare your content' section.

After you have select a thumbnail or cover image, tap the 'Select Video' or 'Select File' button to select your video or book respectively and then tap the 'SUBMIT RESOURCE' button to start the upload. 

Make sure you have a stable internet connection to minimize interference during the upload process, and check that your mobile data balance is more than the size of the video or book you want to upload. 

An upload progress box will be displayed while your content is being added to the system so please be patient until it is finished. The amount of time taken will depend on you internet speed and the size of the file you are uploading.

After the upload has completed, the upload progress box will automatically disappear your content list will be automatically refreshed and you shall be able to see your new content under your list of uploads.

How to Prepare Your Content


Choose a subject that you want to cover in your video, or if it is a school study video, identify a topic that you want to cover. For purposes of ease on the end of the content viewers, we recommend that you plan to use a maximum of 30 Mins for each video. That means you don't have the whole subject or topic in a single video but rather plan to divide it into meaningful segments until the whole topic or subject is covered.

Prepare for your presentation with tools you would need through the recording. This may include a summary of the key points that you are going to present such that your content is more organized and easy to follow, materials that you would need for demonstration and illustrations, if you are going to perform an experiment, go through it again to make sure that it produces the expected results before you start the presentation.

Prepare your recording room and equipment; that may be your smart phone, digital camera, or even a high end video camera, make sure for instance that your equipment is well set up and has sufficient storage space to record your video, and make sure the room has sufficient light to produce a clear video, and it is free from background noise such as traffic, children and anything that would disorient the viewer.

Using your smart phone, open your camera app and switch to video mode. If you are planning on working alone, you will need to get a phone mini tripod to hold your phone in place while you record. Otherwise working with someone would help a long way as they can keep track of what is being recorded during your presentation and avoid things such as accidentally moving out of the camera view.

If all is set, you can then start your recording.

After recording, you can then transfer the video to a computer and edit it to include some more illustrations and compress it to reduce the file size using tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro and AVC Video Compressor. Or if you want to do it all on your phone, there are still mobile apps that can help you edit your videos easily. We recommend Adobe Premiere Rush, but you can check out this article to see more available apps. 

Or if you are having trouble editing your videos, our team of professional editors is always available to help you add a classic finish to your work, adding high end illustrations and more. So Contact us now.

Once your video is complete, to get a thumbnail, play the video on your phone in full screen mode to a point that you feel is visually  captivating, for instance while you are carrying out an experiment or a point where you display an important illustration in your video. Pause the video and take a screenshot on your phone. This should automatically be saved on your phone. You can then use the screenshot later as a thumbnail for your video while uploading.


If you have a book or any other form of reading material that you want to add to the DLC Knowledge App for users to read;

1. Get a soft (non-printed) copy of the book or reading material you wish to add. Make sure that your soft copy is converted to PDF format before you can try to upload it otherwise users will not be able to view it.

2. Create a picture of the cover image of the book. You will use this as your book's cover image while uploading it to the app.

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